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Chemical Composition of Essential Oil of Pistacia khinjuk Stocks Grown in Bakhtiari Zagross Mountains, Iran

Pistacia khinjuk Stocks is an evergreen shrub or tree of the family Anarcadiaceae. This species is native to Iran. The resin of P. khinjuk has been used to treat indigestion, and toothache and as a tonic and astringent in Bakhtiari folk medicine. In addition, fruits of P. khinjuk are used as edible wild fruits. The plant is known as Khenjuk or Kelkhong in Persian. Because of a lack of information in the literature about the composition of the volatile fraction of the fruits of P. khinjuk, the current study was undertaken to examine the chemical constituents of the essential oil of the fresh fruits of P. khinjuk growing in Bakhtiari Zagross Mountains, Iran. Fruits of P. khinjuk collected throughout Chaharmahal va Bakhtiari province, Southwest Iran, were examined for chemical variability in fruits for components. Fresh fruits of plants of P. khinjuk were hydro-distilled on a Clevenger type apparatus for 3 h, and studied by gas chromatography (GC) and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS). The chemical constituents identified by GC and GC/MS, the results concerning the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the essential oil are presented. A total of, 95 compounds were identified in the essential oil of P. khinjuk. The main constituents were found to be Phellandrene (52.33%) (w/w) and α-pinene (15.27%) (w/w).

Author(s): A. Ghasemi Pirbalouti, K. Aghaee

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