Binding of EGFR Gene Fragments to Nuclear Matrix Proteins in Bladder Cancer

This paper studied correlation between EGFR gene fragments and nuclear matrix proteins (NMPs) in human bladder transitional cell carcinoma (hBTCC). Both genomic DNA and nuclear matrix DNA (H0DNA, H25DNA, H50DNA, H100DNA) of human bladder carcinoma could amplify 110bp positive fragment with primers II even DNase I concentration was up to 100 IU/ml. Two pair primers were synthesized according to the cDNA sequence of EGFR gene and two EGFR fragments were amplified by PCR using the two pair primers in genomic DNA and different nuclear matrix DNA. Southwestern blot analysis demonstrated that EGFR gene fragment (3901-4010nt) was bound to a about 60kD nuclear matrix protein in both NMPs (tissues and T24 cells) and total cell protein of bladder carcinoma tissues, but not in cytoplasm sample.

Author(s): Shudao Xiong, Bogui Wen, Jingrong Li, Guanwu Li, Jing Li

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