The Vibrio Latest Tech and Importance in Sea Food

Why to test Vibrio, in sea food and simple and fast and accurate method, when compare with TCBS agar. Shrimp farms can be stressful environments that have high organic matter and experience fluctuations of dissolved oxygen. Changes in the environment in the shrimp farm will influence the number of bacteria and the species present. For example, as the temperature increases and the salinity increases due to evaporation V. parahaemolyticus will thrive and become predominate. Shrimp farmers recognize the relevance of Vibrio species, and the safety level of heterotrophic bacteria and Vibrio to the health of their ponds. Relative counts of bacterial groups are monitored and routine determination of Vibrio species are used to help in pond management. Farmers realize that a high prevalence of green colonies on Thiosulfate Citrate Bile Salts Sucrose Agar (TCBS) are indicative of diseased ponds. However, not all farmers may be aware of the pitfalls of the TCBS selection system or Now the availability of the CHROMAGAR [A patent product from Paris France]. A innovative chromogenic Vibrio detection system.


Navaneeth Saxena

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