Statistical Optimization of Alkali Pretreatment on Cellulose Content of Saccharum through Response Surface Methodology

The aim of this study is to optimize pretreatment conditions for maximum cellulose content from Saccharum biomass. Three independent variables like NaOH concentration, substrate concentration and residence time with three levels were optimized using response surface methodology with and without steam condition. Results showed that cellulose content was enhanced from 40.2% of untreated Saccharum biomass to maximum 83.80% of NaOH-Steam pretreated Saccharum biomass. Optimized pretreatment conditions for maximum cellulose content achieved were 3% NaOH, 10% substrate and 6 h for NaOH-steam pre-treatment. FTIR (Fourier Transform Infra-red Spectroscopy) analysis revealed the effectiveness of pretreatment process. The proposed model was found statistically significant as revealed by corresponding F and p values.


Muhammad Irfan*, Fouzia Kanwal

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