First Record of Polypedates Maculatus (Gray, 1830) Common Indian Tree-frog, in Daltonganj (Palamau), India

During the survey of amphibian species of Daltonganj, a very uncommon type of frog recorded. This frog was recorded from the branch of a tree near about the Department of Zoology GLA College Dalton Ganj. The frog was The Polypedates Maculatus (common Indian tree frog) is reported first time from Palamau District of Jharkhand province. It is an anuran Amphibian under the family Rhacophoridae and genus Polypedates. The species is listed as “LC” under IUCN Red List category.


Pradeep Kumar, Bhrigu Nath, Nalinaksh Pankaj*

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