Are Commercial Disinfectants Equally Effective on Various Surfaces

All of us are surrounded and in constant contact with a variety of microorganisms in day to day life. The warm and moist environment of surroundings including floors provides optimum conditions for the growth of common micro flora. There are many microbial species commonly present on various surfaces, most of which are pathogenic only in higher concentration. In order to control growth of such organisms disinfectants are commonly used. In our laboratory, common floor micro flora were isolated, identified and efficacy of various floor disinfectants were tested suggesting Dazzl to be most effective. Whereas, according to the Indian Medical Association, Lizol and Dettol are claimed to be the most effective disinfectants. However, these experiments were limited to floor of Laboratory. In practice, there are many areas with potential to support the growth of micro organisms, but generally neglected with reference to disinfection. Therefore, in the present study, several such areas were selected and efficacy and longevity of various disinfectants was determined using in vivo analysis.

Author(s): Dasani Sonal*, Rai Shalini, Surve Nutan, Kuttisankaran Rajashree

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