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Ejbio Journal Highlights and Future Objectives

Muhammad Irfan*

Department of Biotechnology,University of Agricultural Sciences, India

Corresponding Author:
Muhammad Irfan
Department of Biotechnology
University of Agricultural Sciences, India
E-mail: [email protected]

Received Date: July 21, 2020; Accepted Date: July 23, 2020; Published Date: July 30, 2020

Citation: Irfan M. Ejbio journal highlights and future objectives. Electronic J Biol, 16:3

Copyright: © 2020 Irfan M. This is an open-access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License, which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Electronic Journal of Biology (EJBio) has gained much attention from scientific community in the last 15 years. It has published different kind of articles such as original research articles, review articles, short communications, commentary articles, opinion articles, short communications etc from various disciplines of Biology. Even the elite editorial board members have supported journal immensely by contributing Editorials which added great value to the issues released. Coming to the 2019 year, we have overwhelming response from authors towards the journal. We could publish 4 issues with 15 articles from various areas of Biology. It is an open access journal which means the journal offers full access to the published article to readers free of cost. The journal follows double blinded peer review process where in two reviewer opinions will be taken separately and editor will make final decision on submitted articles based on these two un biased and separately collected reviewer opinions.

EJBio is planning to attract more visitors, readers and authors in the year 2020 by using SEO tools and techniques. In 2020, We are aiming to promote more innovations and insights from researchers, academicians, clinicians, physicians, medical and healthcare professionals from more different subject areas of biology. As per statistics collected from Google analytics, the unique page views received per month on average was 1500. We are taking every step and action to improve our visitor base thereby increasing journal publications and citations from across the world. Most of the visitors now are from USA, India, Pakistan and Ethiopia. We would like to expand our publications from other countries too in 2020. The journal is currently indexed in Index Copernicus, Google Scholar, CNKI, CiteFactor, Zoological Records, Publons etc. We are trying too get more indexation for the journal in 2020.

The journal is abroad based journal, has a large scope covering many different fields like Biochemistry, Physiology, Biomedical research, Chemical biology, Biotechnology, Ecology, Neurobiology, Synthetic biology, Structural Biology, Plant Biology, Agriculture, Pharmacology, Animal and Plant Biology, Molecular Biology.

We are actively using social media tools like twitter and LinkedIn to connect with and follow renowned biologists from all parts of the globe. We are also promoting published articles in journal social media platforms so that articles will be read by many scientists who are connected with accounts and will receive increased number of citations. We are ash tagging the important and highly searchable scientific keywords in our social media postings to increase traffic towards the journal and published articles.

Editors and reviewers form a core part of any journal publishing house. We wholeheartedly thank each and every Editorial/Reviewer Board member of EJBio for extending their untiring services and constant support towards the journal. Because of whom, journal has been able to bring out quality dissemination of scientific knowledge gained from different biology research programmes and investigations. As a token of thanks, we are offering huge discounts to our active editors and reviewers for articles submitted on their correspondence or reference and also providing appreciation certificates. Our special thanks goes to Dr. Hamada, Editor-in-Chief for constantly guiding and supporting with complete editorial process of the journal. We also thank Yap Chee Kong, another Editor-in-Chief for providing timely and valuable suggestion towards journal improvement. We show our gratitude for all our executive and associate editors for accepting all manuscript assignments and giving editorial decision in time.

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