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Design of Statistic Indices System Frame on Wildlife Utilization Industry

Wenhui Chen*and Junchang Liu

School of economics and management,Beijing Forestry University,Beijing,100083,China

*Corresponding Author:
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The article analyses the important realistic meaning of creating wildlife utilization industry statistic system and status quo of statistic indices about current wildlife utilization industry in China. It points the principle and method of designing statistic indices system frame about wildlife utilization industry in which the resource is basal, and the structure of resource, product and market is main stream. According with this trace, it provides the frame of statistic indices including with the basal statistic indices system, the brief statistic indices system and the key statistic indices system of wildlife utilization industry.


Wildlife,Statistic Indices System,Frame Design,Industry Classification.

1. Introduction

The larger economic value and renewability of wildlife resources make it not only become basal ecological resources,but also is the material base of human being’s lives. Basic necessities of life all have related with wildlife since human being naissance. Now medicament,food,light industry,building material,chemical industry and other industries all make use of wildlife resources as raw material [1]. Recently,wildlife cultivation industry has developed rapidly. Gross product value of wildlife reached 157 billion Yuan in 2005,and total value of export and import was over 104 billion Yuan [2].

Recently,it got great achievement and add to protect competence in building nature conservation area,retrieval endanger species,cultivating seed and conserving genes from implement wildlife conservation and natural conservation area building programme [3]. But the demand of wildlife resource is great and increases rapidly with population increase and economic development based of trend to wildlife resources utilization [4]. The contradiction between the scarce of wildlife resources and social demand increase to wildlife resources is more and more enlarged. it become one of main contents of wildlife resources management that changing utilization method from using wildlife resources living in field area to using it cultivated by human being and developing wildlife resources industry. We should know the general condition about wildlife utilization and basal condition about wildlife resources living in field area for promoting effect of resources utilization and coordinating between protection and utilization about wildlife resources. In this paper,it divided industry structure according with wildlife resources production value chain and designed classification and frame of statistic indices system about wildlife resources utilization industry based to wildlife resources. This frame of statistic indices system is important practice meaning that it regulates management of wildlife industry,strengthens control of wildlife resources and promotes sustaining development of wildlife resources.

2. Practice meaning of researching statistic system on wildlife utilization industry

Firstly,it is necessary to wildlife protection and management that it creates the statistic system of wildlife utilization industry. In spite of current nation economy statistic system is integrated system from national economy [5],this system is not satisfied to wildlife protection and management from wildlife resources,especially,detailed industry classification,production classification and basal statistic indices,national general content can’t be satisfied to wildlife management.

Secondly,it is benefit to promoting department statistic system and perfecting the statistic system of nation economy. In whole statistic and account system of nation economy,agriculture statistics system is weakest,especially; forestry statistic system is simpler for forest’s long growth periods. In current forestry statistic system,wildlife resources utilization statistics is a part of forest resources utilization statistics [6]. But actually,there are only a few statistic content and indices. In recent period,wildlife cultivation industry,recreation related with wildlife,and the other industries related with wildlife resources have developed rapidly,but these economic activities weren’t showed in statistic system of nation economy. So building statistic system of wildlife utilization can perfect agriculture statistic system and nation economic statistic system.

Thirdly,it is benefit to promote development of the other industries based of wildlife resources. Some industries based of wildlife resources are difficult to establish long period’s development plan for the lack of wildlife resources and production basal data. It provides basal data to these industries related with wildlife resources if we create statistic system of wildlife resources.

Furthermore,statistic data about wildlife resources utilization are benefit to develop trade of wildlife and its production,explore nature resources statistic research.

3. Condition of statistic indices of wildlife utilization industry

3.1 condition of statistic classification on wildlife utilization industry

Currently,statistic classification about wildlife utilization mainly shows in Nation Economy Industry Classification (revised edition,GB/T 4754-2002). In this standard,most of wildlife utilization industry classes separate the other industry classes,there is a few independent class what showed wildlife utilization industry. The industry related with wildlife utilization distribute in 7 categories which include agriculture,manufacture,wholesale and retail,food and drink,research and technology service,environment and public establishment management,culture,sports and amusement [6].

3.2 condition of statistic indices on wildlife utilization industry

In current statistic indices on wildlife utilization industry is as follow: Firstly,it is showed in forestry multi-industry statistic indices. The statistic indices include gross product value and production activity indices of wildlife utilization industry. For example,wild plant nursery area,amount of feeding wildlife,wildlife production quantity and so on [7]. Secondly,it is showed in actual management work about wildlife protection. There are some statistic indices related with wildlife protection. For example,cultivation kinds and amount of endangered species,quantity of feeding unit,etc. Most of these indices are scattered,un-sustaining and temporary.

4. Thought of frame design

In wildlife utilization industry,its base is wildlife resources,and its production is in turn wildlife resources (including environment resources),production of wildlife manufacture and wildlife market services. So in general,whole frame design of statistic indices system on wildlife utilization industry is based wildlife resources and regard resources-production-market services as main stream. It designs production indices,value indices,ecology indices,science technology indices and society indices in three different phases according with nation economy statistic system and the characteristic of wildlife utilization industry. The relation and structure of five kind indices is showed in Table 1. After that it ensure name,content,base of these indices. It is showed by Figure 1.



Figure 1. The relation figure of the statistic indices system of wildlife utilization industry in China.

5 the construction of frame of statistic indices system on wildlife utilization industry

5.1 statistic classification frame of wildlife utilization industry

Statistical classification is a start point that people measure and analysis soc-economic activity. It is also the key support of whole statistic system. It shows that people can touch the best understandable extent and the best practice extent [8]. Wildlife resources utilization is industrial syntheses which have many kinds of resources using methods [9]. So according with nation economy industry classification,wildlife resources utilization industry is divided into wildlife cultivation industry,wildlife production manufacture industry,wildlife transportation and storage industry,wholesale and retail on wildlife and its production,watching related with wildlife,amusement and tour industry related with wildlife,science research and protection management industry on wildlife and its production.

5.2 statistic indices system frame on wildlife utilization industry

Statistic indices system is an indicator of showing the condition of wildlife resources utilization. It describes the quantity characteristic on the condition of wildlife resources utilization. According with aforementioned design thought,statistic indices system of wildlife resources utilization industry is indices system cluster which is made of three layers indices. It is as follow:

The first layer is the statistic indices system on the basal industry of wildlife utilization. It is basal of wildlife resources and regard resources utilization’s value chain as main stream to divide aforementioned categories into detailed classes. It constructs the every phase’s statistic indices system of the whole utilization process which includes obtaining wildlife seed,wildlife seed base,resources cultivation,resources manufacture,production circulation sale and production imports and exports. These indices system show in detail the basal condition of every class’s industry of wildlife utilization,and form the basal indices of wildlife utilization statistics.

The secondary layer is the brief indices system attached with department statistics. It designs indices system according with the first layer’s basal statistic indices. The statistics of wildlife utilization managed by forestry department are attributed to forest statistics,and that managed by agriculture department are attributed to agriculture statistics. it shows the whole condition of wildlife utilization industry in department statistics.

The third layer is the key indices system of wildlife utilization industry. It points on the key indices system of wildlife utilization industry attributed to nation economy statistics,which is based on brief indices system and the principle of nation economy statistics. This system is the high synthesis about statistic indices system of whole wildlife utilization industry,and uses a few key indices to show the whole condition of every phase of wildlife utilization. It includes core indices and assistant indices. In this system,it points on the synthesis indices to show in nation economy synthesis statistics. It shows the basal frame and relation about statistic indices system cluster of wildlife utilization industry by Figure 2 .


Figure 2. The structure figure of statistic indices system on wildlife utilization.

6 Conclusions

It analyses the practical meaning of carrying through statistic research of wildlife utilization industry and the whole condition of wildlife utilization statistic indices in China. After that,it points on design thought of statistic indices system cluster and its detailed structure about wildlife utilization industry which includes the basal statistic indices system,the brief statistic indices system and the key statistic indices system. It provides the research base of this research field,and then it offers the frame and thought of wildlife resources management department.


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