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Biotechnology Branches Color Classification and Applications

Muhammad Ibrahim*

Department of Biological Sciences, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

*Corresponding author:

                                               Muhammad Ibrahim

                                               Department of Biological Sciences

                                               King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

                                               Email: [email protected]

Received: August 06, 2021; Accepted: August 20, 2021; Published: August 27, 2021

Citation: Biotechnology Branches Color Classification and Applications. Electronic J Biol, 17(7):236

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Biotechnology is the utilization of natural frameworks found in creatures or the utilization of the living organic entities themselves to make mechanical advances and adjust those innovations to different fields. These remember applications for different fields, from rural practice to the clinical area. It not only remembers applications for fields that incorporate the living, but also for any other field where data obtained from a creature's natural portion can be used [1].

Gold biotechnology or Bioinformatics alluded to as computational science and can be characterized as "conceptualizing science" to resolve natural issues utilizing computational methods and makes the fast association just as investigation of organic information conceivable [2].

Red Biotechnology (Biopharma) identifies with medication and veterinary items. It can help growing new medications, regenerative treatments; produce immunizations and anti-toxins, atomic diagnostics strategies, and hereditary designing methods to fix sicknesses applying hereditary control. modern biotech to plan more energy-proficient, less contaminating and low asset burning-through cycles and items that can beat conventional ones.

Yellow Biotechnology identifies with the utilization of biotechnology in food creation, for instance, in making wine, cheddar, and lager by maturation.

Dark Biotechnology alludes to natural applications to keep up with biodiversity and the evacuation of poisons or pollutants utilizing microorganisms and plants to separate and discard numerous sorts of substances like substantial metals and hydrocarbons.

Green Biotechnology accentuates on horticulture that includes making new plant assortments of rural interest, biopesticides, and biofertilizers. This space of biotech is solely founded on transgenics (hereditary adjustment), i.e., an additional quality or qualities embedded into their DNA. The extra quality might come from similar species or alternate animal groups [3].

Blue Biotechnology depends on the utilization of marine assets to make items and applications in the conceivably enormous scope of areas to profit with the utilization of this sort of biotechnology [4].

Violet Biotechnology manages the law, moral and philosophical issues around biotechnology.

Dull Biotechnology is related with bioterrorism or organic weapons and biowarfare utilizing microorganisms, and poisons to cause infections and passing in people, homegrown creatures, and yields.

Utilizations of Biotechnology

Supplement supplementation

Quite possibly the main employments of biotechnology is the imbuement of supplements into food in circumstances like guide. Along these lines, it gives food substantial supplements that are important for such conditions

Abiotic stress resistance

There is in reality next to no arrive on earth that is arable, for certain evaluations that place it at around 20%. With an expansion in the total populace, there is a requirement for the food sources accessible to be just about as successful as conceivable to create however much food in as little space as could be expected. There is likewise a need to have the harvests become ready to utilize the less arable areas of the world [5]

Modern biotechnology

Modern biotechnology is the use of biotechnology that reaches from the creation of cell designs to the creation of natural components for various employments. Models remember the making of new materials for the development business, and the assembling of lager and wine, washing cleansers, and individual consideration items.

Strength fibers

One of the materials with the most grounded elasticity is cobwebs. Among different materials with a similar cross-sectional width, cobwebs can take more tensional power prior to breaking than even steel. This silk has made a lot of interest in the conceivable creation of materials produced using silk, including body reinforcement like impenetrable coats. Silk is utilized in light of the fact that it is more grounded than Kevlar (the material most ordinarily used to make body covering).


Probably the greatest utilization of biotechnology is in the energy creation area. With fears over the diminishing oil assets on the planet and their connected ecological effects, there is a developing need to secure the globe's future by discovering elective harmless to the ecosystem fuel sources.


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