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2017: Volume 13, Issue 2
Review Article: (135-143)
Recent Status on Enzymatic Saccharification of Lignocellulosic Biomass for Bioethanol Production
Author(s): Meysam Madadi, Yuanyuan Tu, Aqleem Abbas
Abstract | PDF
Research Article: (131-134)
Hot-PBS Extract of Vibrio vulnificus Induces NF-κB Activation
Author(s): Noboru Nakasone, Yasunori Ogura, Naomi Higa, Claudia Toma, Yukiko Koizumi, Toshihiko Suzuki, Tetsu Yamashiro
Abstract | PDF
Research Article: (144-151)
Parasitological Evaluation of Sachet Drinking Water in Areas of Lagos State, Nigeria
Author(s): Okwa Omolade O, Gbadamosi Zanaib O
Abstract | PDF
Review Article: (152-158)
The Role of Tourism on the Environment and Its Governing Law
Author(s): Ali Asadzadeh, Mir Sajjad Seyyed Mousavi
Abstract | PDF
Research Article: (104-111)
Evaluation of the Clinical Significance of Transforming Growth Factor-Β and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor Expressions in the Synovial Tissue of Patients with Osteoarthritis
Author(s): Ding Hao
Abstract | Full-Text | PDF
Research Article: (112-118)
Candida parapsilosis Complex Distribution, Behavior and Response Profile to Antifungal Agents in a Collection of Blood Cultures from Argentinean Patients with Candidemia
Author(s): Rodríguez L, Rosa AC, Mayo S, Sellart G, Magariños F, Santillán HD, Bertone A, Jewtuchowicz V
Abstract | PDF
Research Article: (119-124)
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism of Interleukin-27 Gene: A Risk Factor of Recurrent Pregnancy Loss in Iraqi Women
Author(s): Esraa H Humadi, Layla H Hamad, Hasan F Al Azzawie, Samera H Hamad
Abstract | PDF
Research Article: (159-165)
Ayahuasca Modifies Amphetamine Self Ingestion and Modifies Anxiety and Locomotor Activity in Adolescent Rats
Author(s): Godinho AF, Silva MC, Kawashima JD, Horta DF, Anselmo F, De Fraia D
Abstract | PDF
Thymoquinone Regulates Gene Expression Levels in Morphine Addiction Pathways in Opioid Receptor Expressing Cells (U87 MG)
Author(s): Adnan LH, Mohamad N, Mat KC, Yeo CC, Bakar NHA, Ismail R
Abstract | PDF
2017: Bioinorganic chemistry-bridges between biology and inorganic chemistry
Editorial: (S4:1-2)
Bridges between Biology and Chemistry
Author(s): Hamada YZ
Full-Text | PDF
2017: Psychobiology (S3)
Special Issue Article: (S3: 1-2)
Stress and Health Sciences
Author(s): Teruhisa Komori
Full-Text | PDF
2017: Metal Ions Role in Biological sytems (S2)
Special Issue Article: (S2: 18-24)
Clofibric Acid, A Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor Alpha Agonist, forms a Ternary Complex with the Ferric Iron
Author(s): Yahia Z Hamada, Samid Rehan, Jasmine Scott
Abstract | Full-Text | PDF
Special Issue Article: (S2: 10-17)
Aluminum Inhibition of α-chymotrypsin, Acetyl Cholinesterase and Superoxide Dismutase shows a Link with Alzheimer Disease
Author(s): Miriam Barquero Quiros
Abstract | Full-Text | PDF
Special Issue Article: (S2:6-9)
Three Very Different UV-VIS Absorption Spectra of Three Different Transition Metals Found in Biological Solutions
Author(s): Yahia Z Hamada, Nyasha Makoni, Hasan Hamada
Abstract | Full-Text | PDF | Supplementary File
Special Issue Article: (S2: 2-5)
Competition of Fe3+ UV-Vis Absorption between Ascorbic Acid (AA) and Clofibric Acid (CA)
Author(s): Hamada YZ
Abstract | Full-Text | PDF
Special Issue Article: (S2: 1-1)
Metal Ions Role in Biological Systems
Author(s): Hamada YZ
Full-Text | PDF

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  • 9th International Conference on Structural Biology
    September 18-19, 2017 Zurich, Switzerland
  • 2nd International Conference on Biochemistry
    Sep 21-22, 2017, Macau, China
  • International Conference on Chemical Biology
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