Diversity, Threats and Conservation Status of Amphibian in Pakistan: A Review

The current study was conducted at the University of Gujrat during 2016.Amphibians are diverse group of vertebrates that play vital role in the ecosystem, there is co-evolutionary relationship between frogs and biodiversity of plants and animals, their lives are interlinked. Frogs eat mosquitoes, bio indicator, mostly used dissection animal, acts as biological pest control, help in medical advances, food for birds, fish and monkeys and their larvae filter drinking water. They look and sound cool, and kids like them. But the population of frogs decline rapidly due to human activities, habitat destruction, uses of pesticides and unawareness of people about the importance of frogs. Biodiversity of frogs is at greater rate of extinction. There is need of conservation to save the frogs as they are beautiful creature and pay their great role in ecosystem and food chains.


Muhammad Hashim, Amna Abbas, Talat Munir, Maryum Daman, Mubeen Ghazanfar

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